Ghanaian businessman and philanthropist, HRH Oscar Yao Doe has once again reiterated the problems facing Ghana’s economy.

HRHDoe mentions Hon. Ken Ofori-Attah and Co. as the main culprits whose mismanagement of the financial sector have led to the collapse of many Ghanaian owned businesses. He described Hon. Ken Ofori-Attah as ‘Wicked’ man who went to a top private Ivy League research university like Yale University to learn the act of ‘wickedness’ which he has used to destroy businesses in the country.

He concluded by adding that, from the look of things, the President might not even get the support of his main bank including himself.

Read his post below:

It Seems This Message Is Too Late Coming! The Empty Headed Governor Revocation Ernest Addison And Hon Ken Wicked Genius Ofori-Atta Has Already Done Unrepairable Damage To The Soul Of Ghana’s Economy. Hurting Many Families.

They Have Unfairly Destroyed Many Ghanaian Owned Businesses Without Any Common Sense Justification. The Wicked Ken Ofori-Atta Went To Yale University To Learned Wickedness, And Empty Headed Addison Obtain Phd For Zero Reasoning. Our Support For President Akuffo I Don’t Care Addo Is Getting Softer Everyday!

Who Knows It’s Even Likely Most Of His Own Bank Rollers Including Myself And Supporters May Even Campaign Against Him, Which I Think It Will Be In Order Based On The Attitude Of The President Laziness To Care, And The Attitude Of His Cousins Government Officials & Cousins Advisors.

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