Aborted Referendum: Akufo-Addo Govt Failed To Make History Because It Has Lost Public Support – HRH Oscar Doe


For canceling the planned and widely publicized December 17 referendum on local government administration, HRH Oscar Yao Doe, has said that President Nana Akufo-Addo has failed miserably in recording a landmark achievement. In a national broadcast, the president announced yesterday that the referendum was being called of because of lack of broad, national consensus among key stakeholders and the populace. There is however, a widely-held belief that the massive population of ‘No’ vote campaigners forced the administration to abort the referendum. A ‘No’ vote at the referendum will portray the administration in a losing position as the country head to the polls in few months.

In  public post this morning, the chairman of Doscar Group Holdings expressed his believe that the referendum (if done in good faith) could have led Ghana into a more robust political participation, but the Akufo-Addo government could not muscle enough support from traditional and religious organizations, civil society organizations and others, to pull a ‘Yes’ vote through. This, he said was a backlash of the crunching economic problems brought on the people by the policies of this administration, especially the liquidation of indigenous banks and other businesses.
In clear terms, the reputable businessman said Ghanaians are not happy with the Akufo-Addo government, whose performance he rated at 35%.
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(This Is A) Sad Moment For Ghana (Caused By) Self-Serving And Family Consideration Approach In Governance. This Important Referendum Excercise, Which Could Have Led Our Country Into (A) More Diverse Political Engagement In Local Governance Has Failed Miserably, Because There Is Zero Support From Traditional Leaders, Civil Society Organisations, Religious  Oorganisations, Etc. Though There Was An Overwhelming Support Earlier, The Political Atmosphere Is Not Right To Implement Such A Fantastic Move To Energise Our People To Participate In Local Government
This Is A Big Failure Under President Akufo-Addo’s Watch… (A) Big Dissapointment For Deepening Democracy In Ghana. The World Evolves. So If You Turn A Blind Eye To The Wickedness Ken Ofor-Atta, Ernest Addison And Co Have Done To Our Local Businessmen And Women, Crashing Their Businesses Into Ashes Just Like That, (Plus) The Severe Effect On Ghanaians, And Then In Your View Everything Is Perfect? Using Deceptive Words Like “Cleaning The Banking Sector”, Really?? That Cannot Stand The Test Of Time. We Live In (An) Interconnected World, Every Decision Goes A Long Way To Affect People’s Lives. So, How Your Decisions Affect People’s Lives Matters, Not How You Framed It. How You Label A Bad Decision Doesn’t Mean Anything. How That Decision Impacts On People’s Lives Is What Matters Most. The Truth Matters.
In My View, President Akuffo-Addo’s Leadership, In Terms Of Results, Is Not Impressive After Almost 3 Years In Office. I Will Give Him 35% Mark Out Of Which The Free Senior High School (SHS) Alone Will Take 30% Because That Policy Was A Masterpiece And Bold Decision, Even Though Its Dilution With The Double Track System Is Troubling, Costing More Pain To Students.
I Will Give 3% To His Achievements On Infrastructure (Roads, Bridges, Overpass, Interchange, Hospitals, Clinics , School Blocks, Landmark Projects, ETC.)
Then I Will Award The Remaining 2% To The Numerous Sod-Cutting Agenda Led By The President And Vice President, DR Bawumia.(SO-Cutting Doesn’t Mean Anything If It’s Not Executed).
The President Has 1 Year,1 Month. (It Remains For Him Now) To Proof To Ghanaians If He Can Really Turn This Corner. Who Knows?

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