HRH Oscar Yao Doe: Is Ghana Letting Down One Of Her Brightest Stars?


A prophet is not without honor except in his own country, among his own relatives, and in his own house.” – Holy Bible; Mark 6:4,New King James Version (NKJV).
Over the past few weeks, in the most unusual manner, I have read several public statements/post published by (or in the name of) HRH Oscar Yao Doe, popular philantropist, and multi-millionaire businessman; lamenting the terrible experience he has been passing through since 2009-2012 and since mid 2018 over his businesses and financial dealings (in his country Ghana), which had left him fuming at the present handlers of the country, and even crying out that Ghana is in trouble!
For about a decade now, Oscar Doe has been one of the brightest stars to have shined out of Ghana; with his names on the lips of many for the right reasons. He has always been seen as a pillar of support to a lot of Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians alike. He has not only supported emerging shining stars, he had given succour to the less-blessed.In the area of support for education, the creative industry and other key sectors, Oscar towers high above many rich Ghanaians. He has been an outstanding philantropist. So what could have gone wrong? How did ‘the colourful King Oscar’ become a troubled man suddenly?
Repeatedly, HRH Oscar, who brought luxury into the Ghana business landscape with his Eurostar Global Limousines (W.A), a couple of years ago, had called out names of some notable Ghanaians who are using the power of the state to hit some Ghanaian-owned businesses, particularly in the financial sector.
He has called out the Governor of the Bank of Ghana, the Minister of Finance and a Principal Partner of KPMG Ghana, Nii Amanor Doodo, alleging them of complicity in the liquidation of Unibank, which has led to the continued holding of his funds (via some of his companies) since mid 2018. He has consistently challenged the decision of the BoG to appoint Nii Amanor Doodo, whose company, KPMG Ghana Limited audited the books of the liquidated bank, as Receiver for same bank. Posts after posts, Oscar has been challenging the President of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo to investigate the process that led to the collapse of Unibank and other Ghanaian-owned banks and businesses. HRH Oscar Yao Doe, who apart from his transactional reconciliation with the Receiver, also has almost 40 million USD stake in a blind trust with the Duffuor family in Unibank, is cork sure there were a lot of foul plays and has consistently insisted (publicly) that the future does not look bright for Ghana should the President not act now and bring the persons to justice if found culpable.
One thing is clear, this colourful businessman with his investments spreading across countries in Africa has told his own side of the story (with physical evidences). Of course, there is no need to go over those claims again in this piece. They are there for all to see.
It is however mind-boggling to see that the President has not acted swiftly on this matter. That those indicted by Oscar in his statements have not been brought to questioning till now is also worrisome. Given Oscar Doe’s relationship with the president and his family, one wonders why it had to take the business tycoon going public over the matter in the first place. But it shows how deeply-hurt the Doscar Group Holdings Chairman is. He told of how his correspondences over the reconciliation of his companies obligations to the troubled financial institutions suffered long delays before they were given lame responses, among many other ill-treatments (unwarranted of a man of his status) that he was subjected to over this matter.
This piece is apparently not to make a case for Oscar Doe here. Rather, it is to underscore the grave danger that actions like this portends for justice and the general prosperity of Ghana. At this crucial period, where developing countries of the world are protecting the few millionaires they have left (since the global financial meltdown a couple of years back), Ghana seems to be striking down one of her own.
Having repeatedly stated his side in the matter, I expect that not only should he be given a fast, fair hearing, the people behind his troubles should also be brought to book.
Causing any damage to Oscar’s investments in Ghana at this crucial moment can never portend any good for the country; not even at a point where many neighboring countries (Nigeria in particular) are scrambling for him. Ghana cannot afford to let a bright shining star like Oscar Doe fall from its skies.
Recently, Oscar has revealed that the new headquarters of his luxury Limousine company is about to be completed in Lagos, Nigeria. Isn’t this a red signal for Ghana?
It will be an evil thought for anyone in Ghana to wish for the downfall of a man like Oscar Yao Doe; an icon in the field of philantropy, support for education, the creative arts industry. The ever-smiling, ever-bubbly KingOscar, who always expresses his life ambition of puting smiles on the face of humans deserves to be kept happy always too.
While not absolving him of wrongdoings in the ongoing matter, I believe Oscar Doe deserves the very best of treatment from Ghana. His invitation by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) over a purpoted threat-to-life allegation leveled against him by the Receiver for Unibank Ghana Limited, Nii Amanor Dodoo over the ongoing matter recently was a typical example of how not to treat a man who has done so much good for his land.
Let me round up this piece by going back to the Biblical quote I borrowed in the first paragraph. Is Oscar that ‘Prophet’ who is is not without honor except in his own country?

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