ABULE-ADO VICTIMS WERE NOT NEGLECTED – Mayor Valentine Buraimoh, Amuwo Odofin LG Chairman


ABULE-ADO VICTIMS WERE NOT NEGLECTED – Mayor Valentine Buraimoh, Amuwo Odofin LG Chairman

By Friday Etim: Supreme International Magazine

Comrade Engr. Valentine Buraimoh, Chairman, Amuwo Odofin Local Government

… Comrade Buraimoh Reels Out LG Support for Victims of Fire Incident
… Says: ‘Asiwaju Ripe and Right for Nigeria’s Presidency’

The Abule Ado Fire incident is one that should never be forgotten in a hurry. It is one incident that has changed the lives of residents of Amuwo-Odofin Local Government. Coupled with the covid-19 pandemic and its disruption of everyday life, Supreme International Magazine Friday Etim alongside other Journalists Like Trek African Newspaper Publisher, CMC Magazine Publisher, Sahara Weekly Editor paid a visit to the Chairman of the local government, Comrade Engr. Valentine Buraimoh to understand what’s been happening in the council and how the residents are coping since the terrible occurrence. The Engineer by profession who is also an ardent follower of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu says that his government never neglected Abule-Ado victims, why the former Governor of Lagos State is better qualified as the president of the federal republic of Nigeria come 2023 general election in this interview with Supreme International Magazine. Enjoy!

Supreme International Magazine: Not much is been said again about the incident at Abule Ado, why?
Comrade Buraimoh: No. That’s not true. Recently, the Deputy Governor on behalf of the Lagos state government presented cheques to the family of the deceased. Myself and the committee have met and deliberated with the people. We have asked them to give details of their properties, including pictures so that damages will be done by the state government through the committee from funds given to us by the government, Governors Forum and well meaning Nigerians. And that said, we have been having meetings with the deputy governor and also the residents are there deliberating on how the people can be taken care of and some are taken to the Igando IDP centre. For the people that sustained injury, their treatment was paid by the state government in all the hospitals they were taken to, particularly Navy town hospital and also Golden Cross here. The bills were paid for those that sustained injury by the Lagos State Abula Bull Youth Forum Committee, and also this government too went there with my Vice chairman and Councillor, we paid them a visit and also gave them cash.

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu Is the Ripe and Best Choice for Nigeria Come 2023 – Comrade Valentine Buraimoh

Supreme International Magazine: How have you been taking care of them in this covid-19 crisis?
Comrade Buraimoh: we’ve of course, even through this Covid-19, we have taken care of them through many palliatives and food reliefs that we did. Because considering the terrible incident that happened there, we have put them on fromt burner. We have been carrying the community in Abula, Shoba and Oteyi along and like I said, the Deputy Governor has given me money, paid the money to the lost ones family and also, efforts is going on with the Eko district to return light back to the community in tandem with NNPC. They have to relocate the people there now particularly those people that are almost meters away from the incident and they want to adjust the electrical line in that direction so the NEPA people are working in conjunction with the NNPC as regards the relocation of pipeline so that we don’t pray for anything of that nature in the future. As regards testing of the buildings, tested whether they will collapse or maintain and renovate the damaged part of the building. That’s what the Ministry of Town Planning is working on as we speak now. They are compiling the results of those buildings so that anyone that will stay will stay and anyone that will go will go but everybody will be compensated that’s affected.

Supreme International Magazine: in other words, your administration is on top of the game?
Comrade Buraimoh: Very much on top of it.


Amuwo Odofin People have felt the impact of this government directly and indirectly – Comrade Valentine Buraimoh

Supreme International Magazine: How are you educating your people on the ease of lockdown?
Comrade Buraimoh: It’s not total opening up of normal life but in terms of business, buying and trading that is where it is. Like banks not honoring cheque, not paying cash, not doing transaction so as it is, it is not total open up but in the areas of business that’s why they said ease it up because we cannot continue total lockdown because it’s affecting the economy and if care is not taken, we will quickly run into recession. Human movement will still be restricted. It’s not all companies that will open but the ones that do will open up the economy up a little bit and gradually it will be expanding as time goes on. It is not a total opening up of activities but economic-wise because this Covid19 is still very much with us on ground globally. It hasn’t been eradicated. We are educating them to observe the use of masks, physical and social distancing, cleaning and sanitizing the hands. All those measures will keep on so that we will reduce the further spread of Covid19 before finally getting rid of it.

Supreme: So what’s your government up to in the mean time?
Comrade Buraimoh: Well, as government, we must cut across all sectors like keep on fixing the roads and schools until they are reopened by the government and hospitals too. Renovation must be going on gradually.

Supreme Media: What plans do you have for the students?
Comrade Buraimoh: Well, Lagos state has taken very good measures for particularly Junior secondary schools through the radio and Television programming which is ongoing. Primary schools too have also emulated that, through whatsapp group they send the pupils assignment to do and the parents will snap the result and send to the teacher, so there is a symbiotic relationship between pupils, teachers and parents in time of this lockdown. They are taking them through social media, giving them classwork, giving them assignment, submitted all on whatsapp and the rest so that is ongoing to keep the students and pupils abreast of their academic career. Maybe ending of this month or early next month, schools should return back to normal atter taking so many consideration.

Comrade Engr. Valentine Buraimoh, Chairman, Amuwo Odofin Local Government

Supreme Media: You  see to be well accepted across your council area, what’s your selling point?
Comrade Buraimoh: Well, as a man of peace, the man that brought peace to a community renowned for violence, since my inception, there has been absolute peace in Amuwo- Odofin local government. Also in the area of social development, infrastructural development, economic development, everything has been ongoing smoothly. To that extent, the people have felt the effect of the government directly and indirectly so that is why everybody in the community is kept abreast on the going-on in government. If not for Covid19, we would be seeing many activities going on for the development of the local government. We are working in tandem with the CDC and CDA, with CAN, league of Imams, residents, and media. Everybody knows what is going on in their community as the government is concerned.

Supreme International Magazine: How do you engage in capacity building and choice of staff?
Comrade Buraimoh: You know Amuwo-Odofin is a cosmopolitan local government, that is, we have to pick from all nationalities-ethnicities. Hausas, Ibos, Yoruba and even south south, we have been relating and running our government led by Rev Henry and Mummy Origbi. They are up and doing well meaning residents of Amuwo-Odofin LG and that’s why Festac alone is a cosmopolitan local government and to the glory of God, we have been living in harmony, coexisting peacefully, no rancor, all different nationalities have been living as brothers and sisters, as a family despite having everybody domiciled particularly in Festac where this our council is located. And everything has been working perfectly for us because we carry everybody along, nobody is more important than the other, everybody is equal and we are seeing ourselves as one big nation and big family.

Supreme International Magazine: Amuwo-Odofin is an entertainment hub, what is happening in recent years?
Comrade Buraimoh: We have been doing entertainment, even in the last 10 years. This will be the tenth year we’ll be having Festac/ Amuwo-Odofin Musical Fiesta that brings all the A-list artistes- the likes of 2Face and Faze. Many of them, they all came, they have been the people anchoring the Amuwo-Odofin musical Fiesta, because they see it as a way to give back to the community where they came from and this has been ongoing for the last 10 years.

Supreme International Magazine: What’s your take on 2023 elections?
Comrade Buraimoh: Covid-19 will come and go, it has been written like that. But the next level of government after Buhari should be the Southwest and should be Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and I’ll give you the reason why I said that. To the glory of God and to the benefit of humanity, this my present administration was brought in place by one person – Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and this is a man that can bring all the resources both human and natural that God has blessed this country together to put Nigeria in the front burner. Asiwaju Tinubu is a rallying point, not even in Nigeria, all over Africa up to the US, UK, and the globe. Even in Africa I can tell you how many presidents he has installed, Ghana, Sierra Leone. He is a man that means well for this country, a man that has served his country with all he has, what God has blessed him with including his life and he has given the opportunity to everyone. He has built a team that can turn this country around. Today most of them are in the present government of President Buhari, is it Fashola, Sunday Dare, Femi Ipaye, even Femi Adesina, special adviser to the president and Vice President Osinbajo – these are all products of this great man called Asiwaju. Let’s forget tribal sentiments, this man cut across all the ethnic groups. In fact you’ll be amazed by his aura, his influence in the north, how many people he has made governor in northern Nigeria. Is it the western Nigeria, even the eastern Nigeria, you can see the Imo governor, so let’s just accept the reality, we are talking about development of this country, we are talking about taking this country to the next level. This is the man at this point in time that is ripe and right for the job. Let’s look at his qualities, his antecedents, let’s look at what God has used his hand to do for the great people of this country. The who is who in this country, the gladiators of this country, Asiwaju has affected their lives one way or the other which you cannot decline. So he’s the rallying point to the next level of government that Nigeria is waiting for and it’s only Asiwaju that can take us to that level.

Supreme media: How do you relax?
Comrade Buraimoh: When you aspire for any position, you are not aspiring for your selfish interest and you are not applying for your family interest but for overall general interest. When you are opportuned to serve, you’re not to rule, you’re to serve, to lead, so it’s a sacrifice that one’s family must bear. It’s for a while, be it 8 or 10 years, you’ll still unite with your family. Even along the line you’re still more or less with your family to redirect your future. If you’re called to serve, you must leave everything to that service. Because even if you’re eating and you’re called upon that your attention is needed, you have to leave the food immediately and move out, you will not say when I finish eating I will come because that few minutes that you refused to move things can go bad.
You don’t have your own time. That’s why sometimes I will have appointments with people here, before I know it I’m in Alausa, Ikeja on state functions or assignment. I don’t dictate my movement, my movement is dictated by assignment given be it at this level or at the state level which I must do. So any opportunity given to anyone to serve, it is that service that comes first before your own selfish interest.

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