…Says ‘Arch. Kabir Ahmed, Lagos State Commissioner for Waterfront and I are Political Disciples of Jagaban’.
… Affirms that the 2023 train is gathering steam

The Director General, Hon Aminu Suleiman and Arch Ahmed Kabir Abdullahi, who is the current Lagos State Commissioner for the waterfront. Both of them have come along way and have been political disciples of Jagaban.
Arch Ahmed Kabir is an indigene of Katsina State and resident in Lagos. He was once a Special Adviser to the Governor and head of several agencies in Lagos State at different times from the days of Asiwaju as Governor till the present.

It was Asiwajus’ style of inclusive governance that saw the emergence of Arch Kabir Ahmed and many other people from all parts of Nigeria into the Lagos State Civil service and Cabinet.

I recall that at a point, an Igbo man was the Lagos State Commissioner for budget and economic planning for 12 years in the person of Mr. Ben Akabueze. He is currently the DG of the Budget office.

Arch Kabir has been in the system at various capacities for about 20 years now.

Aside Arch Kabir Ahmed, Mr. Joe Igbokwe, an Indigene of the South East, is also a cabinet member and Special Adviser on Environment to the Governor of Lagos State.

Asiwaju has no ethnic or religious coloration in his choice of persons to walk with, but all that matters is that the person is competent and can deliver on the assigned task. It is no wonder, Mr. Sam Egube from Delta is now the current commissioner of budget and economic planning.

A clear testimony of magnanimity and religious tolerance is the fact he embraces both Christians and Muslims. So the religion of his running mate wouldn’t be a concern.

I see him as the most colorful, detribalized, accommodating, and large-hearted political leader of our time.

Asiwaju Tinubu has demonstrated a clear understanding of Nigeria’s diversity and the use of inclusiveness as a means of managing diversity.

This is being applied in Lagos, and now the city has been turned to a mini Nigeria.

Tinubu Jagaban is the best man to be on the saddle come 2023.

I do not doubt that he will unite our country, manage our diversity, bring the magic wand into our economy, and lead us into economic prosperity.

Under Jagaban, Nigeria shall take its rightful place among the comity of Nations.

The train is gathering steam, be on board—#Asiwajutinubu2023.

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