COVID 19: Princess Dr. Toyin Kolade, Iyalaje General of the Source Donates Heavily to curb spread of Corona Virus


Presently in the world, Corona Virus is a pandemic that has ravaged a lot of countries, destroying thousands of lives and threatening the earth with the reality that indeed, ‘The end has come’. But, in a move to curb this menace, several organizations both public and private are rising up against the scourge whose targets are to erase the existence of humanity from planet earth. One of such noble personalities is Princess Dr. Toyin Kolade, the Iyalaje of the Source and Chairman/CEO of Fisolak Group of Companies.

This delectable princess recently displayed her passion towards the health and safety of Nigerians when she gracefully donated supportive materials against the Coronavirus. Items donated include cash, food items, face masks, hand sanitizers and more. The donations were made by her to the proper channels for even distribution. Princess Dr. Toyin Kolade has always remain a blessing to womanhood and a very successful business amazon. However, this kind gesture from her did not come as a surprise to thousands who are privy to her antecedents. She is a multiple award winner and a colossus in international freight forwarding business.

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