Princess of Luxembourg Commends HEN Foundation’s Campaign Against Rape, Lauds Eniola


Princess of Luxembourg, HRH Princess Tessy Antony de Nassau, has lauded the efforts of Mr. Jamil Eniola’s HEN Foundation in their vocal campaign against rape, which has reared its ugly head one more time, particularly in Nigeria. She therefore, called on all and sundry to support the foundation’s War against Rape awareness campaign.

Speaking through a televised video, Princess Tessy, who identified herself proud Global advocate for young women and adolescent girls at the UNAIDS, and patron to UNA-UK, a body that works ‘tirelessly to bring peace in the world and make UN peace keeping relevant again by emphasizing that sexual violence and conflicts is just not an option’, acknowledged the work of the HEN Foundation, noting that the group
‘works tirelessly to support communities, make them safe, bring opportunities to raise awareness, and specifically take care of the most vulnerable individuals in these communities and societies’.

Eniola and Princess Tessy



She also reminded the world about undiluted support for Eniola and the Foundation as, according to her, they are trying to raise awareness against incidences that are happening in Nigeria where young girls are continuously raped, saying it’s unacceptable.

“I want to show my support by sending this to the HEN foundation in their effort to raise awareness of this reality and what is happening in Nigeria at this moment entirely and I hope you do join me too,” she said.

Princess Tessy’s message targeted the likes of Barakat Bello and Vera Uwaila, who brutally raped and murdered as well as Tina, who was felled by a drunken policeman’s bullet among others.

HEN FOUNDATION founded by England based Nigerian, Jamil Eniola, is a humanitarian organisation that seeks to project rights of individuals across the globe.

Below is Tessy’s letter:



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