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• Organizers disclose plans; calls for sponsorships, partnerships

By Oki Samson


Naija Teen Star, a music talent hunt project targeted at teenagers will soon hold in Lagos, Nigeria. However, it is not open to those in Lagos alone, teenagers within and outside the country can participate.

Being the first of its kind, no stone will be left unturned to ensure that the talent show is organized in a seamless, safe, and secure manner. Most importantly, plans are in the works to ensure that the teenagers get value. Also, that the parents/guardians are assured about the programme details and schedule, Trek Africa Newspaper can reports.

The plans for the Naija Teen Star musical show were disclosed by the Convener, Mr. Osemene Charles, during a press briefing attended by Trek Africa Newspaper. ‘This is the first of its kind so we are putting in a lot of things to ensure that the teens are safe and secure. At this stage, we expect them to concentrate on their talents so that when they get to stardom, they should be able to negotiate their way.’

‘This is open for ages 13-19. They are allowed to come with their guardians for those less than 18. If they are over 18, they don’t need guardian because we have instuctors and coaches who will be working with them. It is not a musical project which will promote obscenities, showing body, no sexualizing of teenagers, no! it is a musical project that will put structure to take them to stardom. There are mentors for their academics and people to guide them as needed’, he told Trek Africa Newspaper.

Further speaking on the programme details, the convener, Osemene shared: ‘Unlike other TV shows, the audition form for this project is free. We are not selling it. They don’t have to travel from anywhere in the world to Lagos.

All they need to do is to get a phone, sit in comfort of their friends and family, send video to any of our social media or website, people would start appreciating your song on YouTube, even before the regionals and academy. There is a particular song that my daughter did, she was actually freestyling and today she is a big star.’

‘Considering the insecurity and the age range, you don’t expect 13, 14 year olds from Jigawa state to travel to Lagos for the sake of competition. So what we decided to do is that they should sit at home, do a video of the song, then the parent/guardian would fill a form, then you can make it to the regionals and then you make it into the academy. It will be streamed online’, Trek Africa Newspaper gathered.

He called on individual and corporate sponsors to support the discovery of young musical talents and also to take advantages of the opportunities which abound in the project. ‘It is an annual project. This is the first season. Hopefully Season 2 would take place in 2024.

For the prizes, it will be cash and endorsement deals to the tune of N50million. We are talking to individuals, advertising agencies, and organizations already and we’re getting positive responses. We are looking forward to sponsorships. They can partner with us.’

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